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Your Garden
Garden Design 
A Business based out of Brooklyn, NY.
With over 20 years of experience, our experts specialize in indoor and outdoor planting, gardening and winter/summer landscaping
Our goal is to make sure you smile each time you step outside,
As you smell the Freshness of your excquisite garden and see the Beauty of Nature.


Let Us Create The Garden You've Only Dreamed About
 Professional Garden Designing and Landscape Contractor in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and surrounding areas in New York
A beautifully crafted garden definitely exudes a feeling of tranquillity and at the same time, rejuvenates your energy to help you face again your fast-paced life head and mind strong. With this apparent positive effect of lovely gardens to one’s life, it is therefore important to get the best garden design and landscape contractor in town to be able to maintain the allure of your garden. In New York, such as in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, one of the most trusted local professional garden designing contractors is the Tranquil Gardens. With over two decades of experience in professional gardening and landscaping industry, Tranquil Garden, indeed, has the best people and right materials to make your garden the most beautiful place in your neighbourhood.
The Tranquil Gardens is Brooklyn-based garden design and landscape contractor which specializes in indoor and outdoor planting, gardening, and winter/summer landscaping in the areas of Manhattan and Queens, New York. Our main goal is to make sure that you’ll find peace and calmness each time you step on your garden. To accurately achieve the vision of our customers on their desired garden aesthetics, our team of expert designers and landscapists work collaboratively with them. From the planning until the actual execution, we make sure to prioritize their ideas and preferences and then do some workarounds based on their budgets.
Whether it’s front yard landscaping, backyard gardening, or rooftop gardening, look further no more and get the expertise of the Tranquil Gardens to execute these services. Specifically serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, the Tranquil Gardens’ 20 years of existence in the professional garden design and landscape industry is a glaring proof that we provide the best quality of workmanship on all of the projects that we have. Contact us now for estimates and other inquiries! 


Name Your Price

Thought the garden you deserve is out of your budget range?
Always wished you were able to afford it?
We will make sure you get the best with a price that fits your budget.

Go Green!!!

You don't want just a beautiful garden you want it to be fresh and stay that way, While using only the best quality available and making sure it's always compatible with the season, you'll always have the greenness of your neighbor's garden.

 Landscape Design

Keeping our Customers happy is our main priority.
Have a design you want? We'll make it happen.
Don't have one? No problem, we'll have our experts customize the design that fits your taste.
  1. Landscaping
    Winter Gardening
  2. Patio
    Garden Maintenance
  3. Rooftop Gardening
    Tree Trimming
  4. Front Yard Gardening
    Commercial Gardening
  5. Balcony Gardening
    Big Trees
  6. Backyard Gardening
    Gardening For Hotels
  7. Indoor Gardening
    Gardening For Parks
  8. Small Gardening
  9. Garden Design
    And Much More